Razor tool found in 4-year-old boy's McDonald's Happy Meal, dad says

A Wisconsin dad claims he discovered a dangerous surprise in his 4-year-old son's Happy Meal – a razor tool.

According to WISC-TV, Scot Dymond of Columbus said he spotted his son  with the tool, a scraper for cleaning grills, Sunday after his family bought food from a McDonald's drive-thru and returned home.

"He came running out, happy to have a toy," Dymond told WMTV. "I happened to see what it was, and I grabbed it from him."

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Dymond called the restaurant's manager and Columbus police, who determined that the scraper likely fell into the bag from a shelf above, WMTV reported.

Dennis Weiner, Columbus' acting police chief, said he doesn't believe foul play was involved and called the incident "a fluke," according to WISC.

Dion Conn, who owns the McDonald's, said the restaurant is "working with local law enforcement to investigate this claim," WISC reported.

“The safety and security of our customers is a top priority," Conn said.

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