Puppy with bad heart named honorary K-9 unit as part of bucket list


Puppy with bad heart named honorary K-9 unit as part of bucket list

Arlo the puppy wasn’t expected to live past three months. Now, he’s almost six months old, despite living with a heart defect that can be fatal.

The puppy suffers from a narrowing of his aortic valve -- but Arlo’s owner said that even though there is surgery to fix the issue, his disease is so advanced that he won’t survive surgery, WFSB reported.

So, Arlo’s owner, Ashley Sakelarakis, has decided to make every day Arlo is around count, starting a bucket list for the pup that is living on borrowed time.

One of the bucket list items was to make Arlo an honorary K-9 unit. Sakelarakis is an Animal Control officer in Woodbridge, Connecticut. She contacted an officer in her hometown to make it happen, WFSB reported and it did.

Arlo received his badge, which was pinned to his collar on Monday, and was able to take his place in a police cruiser.

Also completed from his list was a visit to a news station, hitting a beach, having burgers and eating ice cream, WFSB reported.

Sakelarakis is trying to get Arlo to a different state as part of his bucket list travels.

She said that Arlo is showing progress when it comes to his treatment, but knows in all reality that his heart and health can fail at any moment. 

Photo courtesy: Ashley Sakelarakis/venture_with_arlo/Instagram
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