Puppy playing Jenga gets internet notoriety

Video of a brown Labrador puppy successfully pulling a Jenga block (not pictured) has gone viral.
Video of a brown Labrador puppy successfully pulling a Jenga block (not pictured) has gone viral.

Credit: Helena Lopes/Rawpixel

Credit: Helena Lopes/Rawpixel

A 5-month-old puppy is gaining internet popularity for her game-playing skills.

The Dodo reported that couple of months ago, Remy, whose full name is Remington, was sitting near her owner Jeffrey Hammond at a March Madness house party. She joined his game of Jenga with his friends, girlfriend Ashley Agapiou, and girlfriend's sister, Molley Agapiou.

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"Everyone was very focused on the game, as it was a big play," Molley Agapiou told The Dodo. "But I didn't care much about the game, so I was watching Remy and saw her intrigued with the Jenga game."

It was the first time they played the game. Molley Agapiou took out her phone to record video of Remy sniffing around the tower of wooden blocks.

"Remy comes out of nowhere, unprovoked, decides she wants to play," Hammond told WFAA. "She uses her paw and just sort of pulls it out -- grabs it with her teeth -- and then walks off like it was no big deal."

Molley Agapiou caught the whole thing on video.

“It was definitely just luck that she went for the piece that happened to be loose enough for her to grab!” she said. “We were all in utter shock by what just happened.”

Months later, the video was posted on a popular Twitter page.

"(My girlfriend's) younger sister posted the video to a site called WeRateDogs," Hammond told WFAA. "Then we woke up in the morning, and I was getting calls from my hometown in Michigan and my girlfriend's hometown in Los Angeles -- and really all over the country -- people saying they'd seen the video."

Hammond decided to take advantage of the video’s popularity and made an Instagram page just for Remy. It has thousands of followers since its first post May 5.

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