Playboy Club, bunnies make a comeback

In a time of history where women are demanding respect, a popular gentleman's club that puts women on display is making a comeback.

Nearly 30 years after it closed in Manhattan, a new Playboy Club will be opening its doors this year a few blocks away from Times Square, on West 42nd Street, The Associated Press reported.

The Bunnies will be there to greet guests, but in what is being called updated outfits.

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The original Bunnies wore rabbit tails, ears, bow tie collars and skin-tight, corseted outfits that resembled either undergarments or a bathing suit.

New York isn't the only location slated to open or have already opened. They're already open for business in London, Hanoi and throughout India. Another will open in Shanghai, The AP reported.

But travel guru Pauline Frommer, publisher of Frommer guide books, said that the club's timing may not be perfect.

"Retro is in, but I'm not sure this type of retro. We live in this era when thousands of women are gathering in marches to protest. I'm not sure the zeitgeist is right for Playboy now," Frommer said.

Playboy's founder Hugh Hefner opened his first club in Chicago in 1960.  At its height of popularity, there were 30 clubs across the globe.

Many closed by 1991.

The magazine that inspired the clubs has also changed over the years. Playboy magazine features more articles than the photos of women that made it popular, and the subjects in the photos are no longer full nudes in the U.S. editions, The AP reported. Hefner's 25-year-old son, Cooper is the company's chief creative officer.

The club will be located at a luxury hotel that will offer 107 rooms.

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