PHOTO: Squirrel, bald eagle square off in tree; guess who won?

Credit: Pixabay

Credit: Pixabay

A photographer in Maine captured a rare sight this week: a squirrel and a bald eagle squaring off in a tree in the town of Lincoln.

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The picture was taken by Roger Stevens Jr. and shows a gray squirrel bravely staring down the much larger bird of prey.

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“I couldn't have made this up!! Gray Squirrel and Bald Eagle in staring match... Behind the Rite-Aide Store in Downtown Lincoln, Maine!!” Stevens said in a post on Facebook, where he posted a series of photos of the squirrel and eagle.

In the end, it was the squirrel’s lucky day.

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Stevens watched the drama play out and reported that the squirrel managed to survive by diving into a hole in the tree.

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