Perseid meteor shower 2019: 9 stunning photos of nature’s light show

Credit: Peter Komka/MTI via AP

Credit: Peter Komka/MTI via AP

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaked Monday night, offering stunning light displays in the night sky.

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Social media lit up with images of the celestial phenomenon. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Yosemite National Park, California

2. Sweden

Photo by, Instagram

3. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, California

Photo by @orix_nexus, Instagram


"The Persied meteor shower is caused by debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle as it swings through the inner solar system and ejects a trail of dust and gravel along its orbit. When earth passes through the debris, specs of comet-stuff hit the atmosphere at 140,000 mph and disintegrate in flashes of light. Meteors from this comet are called Perseids because they seem to fly out of the constellation Perseus" - @nasa . This time of the year, despite the moon being at almost 89% brightness, LAs light pollution and flights hovering around, this composite shows the capture from 3.30 am to 5am atop Santa Monica Mountains just after moonset on Aug 12 2019. Was able to see approximately 40-50 meteors. The mountains were the best bet as visibility from lower altitude was was not possible due to cloud cover. If you see the mountain peaks closely we were literally over the clouds. EXIF: ISO: 3200 10mm f2.8 25" exposure . . . #meteorshower #perseids #persieds2019 #stargazing #astrophotography #stars #canon #longexposure #perseidmeteorshower #landscapephotography #visualambassadors #nightshooters #artofvisuals #yourshotphotographer #milkyway #jaw_dropping_shots #main_vision #longexposure_shots #agameoftones #way2ill #special_shots #dscvr_earth #earthofficial #beautifuldestinations #earthfocus #ig_color #tripotocommunity #ourplanetdaily #depthobsessed #bhfyp @twanight

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4. New York City 

Photo by @scottsegler, Instagram

5. Solitude Mountain Resort, Utah

Photo by @linkchutes, Instagram

6. Chiclana de la Frontera, Spain

Photo by @little.aprendiz, Instagram

7. Hillsdale, New York

Photo by @josephdigiovanna, Instagram

8. Austin, Texas

Photo by @cvsherman, Instagram

9. Ždrelac, Croatia

Photo by @matejkozic_priv, Instagram

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