‘Peloton husband’ gives girlfriend Peloton bike for Christmas

The actor who played the husband in the infamous Peloton bike ad that triggered an avalanche of criticism this holiday season hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

In an Instagram post, actor Sean Hunter revealed that he gave his real-life girlfriend a Peloton bike for Christmas. "Here's hoping this goes over better the second time ... Merry Christmas to my actual girlfriend (pls don't leave me)," the Instagram caption reads.

The controversial Peloton holiday ad featured Hunter as the husband who gives his wife one of the pricey bikes for Christmas. The wife proceeds to document her fitness journey while using the bike over the next year.

Social critics accused the ad of being sexist, because the husband gives the wife, who is already slim-figured, the bike without her asking for it. Others said the wife appears to be scared throughout the ad, as if she’s under pressure by the husband to stay fit.

The “Peloton wife” actress, Monica Ruiz, also had fun in response to the negative response to the commercial. She starred in an ad for actor Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin brand of distilled spirits.

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