Passing driver records road rage incident

Police are investigating after cellphone video captured a road rage incident on Route 128 in Danvers.

Police said the incident happened on the highway around 10:05 a.m. Friday on the southbound side, just south of Exit 21.

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“I don’t believe there was actual contact between vehicles, but she started banging on the car, and then you saw the second operator get out, and that’s where the physical altercation took place," Lt. Mike Harvey said.

Police said the two women were lucky no one got hurt after the incident stopped traffic on 128. Two vehicles were involved in the incident, and no injuries were reported. 

"Obviously, this could have been a lot worse, and that goes without saying," Harvey said. "Unfortunately, back in the day, when people would beep and maybe do a hand gesture, those days are gone. Now, people aren't just doing that, they're pulling weapons."

Police are investigating to find out who was involved in the incident and said they have been getting tips about the entire incident after video was put out on social media.

Police did say they know one of the people involved and are working to identify the other.

"We're hoping that somebody else can come and give us an update on or any information on one of the other parties," Harvey said. "We've had contact with one of the individuals and already got her statement."

One of those individuals told police that the other driver allegedly thought that she had been cut off, though the initial woman said it was unintentional.

State police urged drivers to never get out of their vehicles unnecessarily while on the highway.

"There are ways to settle disputes. It doesn't have to be in the middle of the highway," Harvey said.

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