Parents upset after high school eliminates class ranking

For the first time in school history, the graduating class at Melrose High School in Massachusetts does not have a valedictorian.

The decision to eliminate student ranking was made several years ago, and the class of 2016 was the official first year of the new system.

“I have not come across one person who thinks this was a good idea...a student worked for years and deserves that recognition,” Diane Hori said.

Hori’s son Jonathan was the valedictorian in 2014. Her son Justin graduated this year, but all the school will say is that he’s in the top 10 percent.

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“I was so proud of him. He's an overachiever, he loved school, would never be absent,” she said.

The Superintendent of Schools and the Melrose School Committee see it differently.

In a statement released to WFXT, Superintendent Cyndy Taymore said class rankings put "90 percent of our students at a serious disadvantage."

But for some students, including Justin Hori, it’s not just about prestige. It’s impacting college applications.

“We aren't able to tell them class rank. We have to tell them top 10 percent which really dilutes your success if you can’t tell them specific rank,” he said.