T-Pain cancels tour: 'It just would have been a bad look'

T-Pain was exceptionally honest about the reason behind the cancellation of his 1UP Tour, saying low ticket sales were to blame.

Complex reported the rapper said in an IG TV post that his team got off to a late start planning the tour, and he wasn't as involved with the process as he should have been.

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"Let me just start by saying that my team set up the tour in September," he said. "Some corners got cut. Production went missing."

Pain said he didn't consider the late planning because the first tour sold out, and he and his team didn't properly set up or plan out how fans could get the tickets.

"I thought since the first 1UP Tour went well and sold out every city, it should be good," he said. "Having said that, I'm gonna take it upon myself to cancel the 1UP DLC Tour. It just would have been a bad look for me and it wouldn't have been entertaining for y'all. I'd rather just leave it for another time."

The rapper admitted that low ticket sales led to the cancellation, despite being told to tell fans something different.

"I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time, or I needed some alone time or me time or some (expletive) like that or, I needed time to spend with my family or some medical attention or something like that."

"We (expletive) up. I'm gonna keep it real with y'all," he said. "Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it's for low ticket sales."

Pain acknowledged that he owed the truth to fans who spent time and hard-earned money on the tickets. He said he's still debating if he will release the "1UP DLC" album, and promised better planning for the next tour.

Tickets for additional dates were announced by the rapper Sept. 17 and went on sale Sept. 20. Dates included Cleveland; Silver Spring, Maryland; Philadelphia, Austin, Texas,Houston, Dallas, Seattle and San Francisco.

Tickets will be fully refunded, Complex reported.

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