One city makes texting while walking illegal

There are laws against distracted driving, now Honolulu has instituted a law against distracted walking.

The law just went into effect that makes it illegal for pedestrians to cross the street while texting, ABC News reported.

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The law is designed to combat "smartphone zombies" who are hurt by either walking into traffic or running into something, Reuters reported.

If walkers are caught, they can be fined $35 for the first offense. A second will bring as much as a $75 fine. Any additional infractions will be as much as a $99 fine, ABC News reported.

Between 2000 and 2011, there were 11,101 injuries related to distracted walking, according to the National Safety Council.

And don't think walkers are only not allowed to use cell phones. Lawmakers also accounted for tablets, video games, laptops and digital cameras when they crafted the law. Audio equipment and headphones are still OK for walkers, ABC News reported.

Also exempt, people making calls to emergency services, Reuters reported.

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