Oklahoma officer stops speeding truck, saves woman with CPR

A dramatic dash-cam video showed how a quick-thinking Oklahoma police officer took action to save a woman’s life on the side of a highway after she suffered a heart attack earlier this week.

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Blanchard Police Officer Jordan Jones said he was pulling over a pickup truck on Monday night after he saw it speeding with its hazard lights flashing, ABC News reported. The driver stopped the truck and ran toward the officer in a panic, Jones said. The driver and his daughter yelled to him that the driver's wife, who was in the truck, was not breathing.

Jones' dash-cam video showed the officer, with the help of the driver, pulling the woman from the back seat of the truck and laying her down on the road between his patrol vehicle and the man's truck, out of the way of traffic.

"Oh, sweetheart," the driver could be heard saying at one point. "She's gone!"

"No, she's not," Jones responded as he prepared to begin CPR.

Jones said he didn't have time to really think.

"It was time to act and it was time to go," he told KOCO-TV. "We're trained as far as handling people who are emotionally distraught and that you can't let that factor into your judgment and what you're trained to do."

Blanchard told ABC News that they got the woman's heart going and then transported her to a hospital, where she remains. Police would not disclose details of the woman's condition but said she was expected to recover.

Blanchard Police Capt. Joe Beilouny praised Jones, saying that his work had been extremely vital in saving the woman's life.

He "kept his cool, remained very calm the entire time," Beilouny said.

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