Officer pens open letter to ‘invincible’ teen pulled over for speeding

A police officer chastised a speeding 18-year-old he pulled over Sunday in an open letter posted on social media.

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The driver was going 100 in a 65 mph zone when he was pulled over, the officer wrote.

"I can tell you dozens of stories of dead and broken 18 year old bodies that I've pulled from cars. Broken bodies that I've found in front yards after crashes," the officer with the Nothridgeville Police Department wrote on social media. "Unrecognizable bodies. They thought they were invincible too. They weren't."

The officer said the hardest part of going to a fatal wreck is telling parents their children died as a result of one.

"I don't KNOW your parents, but I know them," the officer wrote. "I know that when you leave every day they say 'Be careful. Drive safe.' Those aren't just words. That is the very last act of them pleading with you to come home safe."

The officer said in the post he had no remorse for writing the teen the ticket.

"In fact, I'm proud of it. I hope you're paying it off for months and with every payment you think about how it wasn't worth it," the officer wrote. "I hope you slow down."

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