Officer out of job after friend poses as cop to get free snacks at convenience store, police say

A police officer in Georgia is out of a job and her friend faces felony charges after the officer let her friend borrow her badge and gun to get free snacks from QuikTrip convenience store, police said.

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Gwinnett police told WSB-TV that the officer worked for the Department of Community Supervision. Her friend was a former officer for the department.

WSB-TV learned that it is a fairly common practice at some convenience stores that first responders get free snacks.

Police said the DCS officer waited in the car and let her friend use her badge and gun to go into the QT and get free food.

Gwinnett police Officer JT Smith saw the incident and didn't recognize the officer.

When Smith pulled the woman's car over, she was still wearing the gun and badge.

Video shows the moment Smith confronted Pektra Edgerton, 33. Edgerton claimed she worked for DCS.

"Are you a police officer, or are you not a police officer?" Smith asks on the tape.

"So a black person walks into a store with a badge and a gun and it's an issue?" Edgerton asks on the video.

"It has nothing to do with you being black," Smith says.

After several seconds, Edgerton finally told the truth.

"You don't have to be a police officer to go in there. I've been doing it for three years," Edgerton said, claiming she was still a DCS officer.

Smith then turned his attention to the passenger, Brandi Green, a real DCS officer who the gun and badge belonged to.

WSB-TV contacted DCS to find out if Green was still employed as an officer. A spokesman said in a statement:

"Upon being made aware of Ms. Green's conduct, an internal investigation was initiated and Ms. Green was immediately suspended After Ms. Green was made aware of the forthcoming investigation, she resigned ... on the same day." 

Police charged Edgerton with felony impersonating an officer. Records show Edgerton bonded out of jail.

She has not responded to phone calls from WSB-TV seeking comment.

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