Officer escorted from school after ticketing principal for parking in handicap area

A school principal had an officer removed from campus shortly after receiving a ticket for parking in a handicap area.

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Warren police officials are asking for an apology to Officer Adam Chinchic, who was escorted Tuesday from Jefferson PK-8 school after he issued a ticket to Principal Carrie Boyer, who had parked in the striped area next to a handicap space, WJW reported.

"We have not had anything like this happen before, and we want to make sure the lines of the communication are open so that an officer is not escorted from a building for doing his job," Officer Mike Stabile, a police union representative, told WJW.

Officials said Boyer had been warned multiple times before getting the ticket. Boyer did not comment to WJW.

Stabile said officers plan to speak out about the handling of the incident at the next Warren Board of Education meeting.

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