New online game is for black women tired of people touching their hair

Hair stylist braiding woman's hair

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Hair stylist braiding woman's hair

Has anyone ever glided their fingers through your hair without permission? If you answered “yes,” you might be an aggravated black woman.

If so, now others will be able to take a quick walk in your shoes, because there's a new video game that will mimic your frustrations to a "T."

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The game is called "Hair Nah," and it's a free web game that challenges players to keep white people from touching their strands throughout a day of traveling.

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So I made a game cause I got tired of women putting their hands in my hair.



— Momo (@MomoUhOh)

ExploreNovember 15, 2017

When you visit the ‘80s aesthetic site and click the “start” button, you’ll be prompted to build your own character with a selection of skin tones and hair styles. Then you’ll be able choose from three destinations: Osaka, Havana or Santa Monica Pier.

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Once the game begins, you’ll have one minute to fill up the “Nah!”meter, which loads as you use the arrow keys to swat away reaching hands.

As you play, you’ll hear off-screen voices repeating phrases like, “So fluffy,” “Can I touch it?” and “Is it attached to your head?”

The more hands you ward off, the closer you get to your final destination.

Created by Momo Pixel and a small team of developers from Oregon, the game was developed after Pixel grew tired of people grabbing her tresses without asking. She knew she wasn’t alone and wanted to help black women bond over a common experience.

"Black women don't have a lot of things that are just for us," Pixel told Mic. "And this problem is so frustrating and annoying that I wanted us to get a laugh. To have something to finally say 'No, respect my space,' because often in real life, we don't get that chance."

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