Magnitude 5.3 earthquake near Channel Islands felt in Southern California

A magnitude 5.3 earthquake just off the Channel Islands was felt in Southern California on Thursday afternoon.

USGS said shaking was felt along the California coast, from San Luis Obispo to San Clemente.

The Los Angeles Police Department has not recieved any reports of damage or injuries.

KTLA reported that Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph Terrazasis said the department is in "earthquake mode" after the quake per standard protocol. In that mode, firefighters survey 470 square miles of the greater Los Angeles area for safety. It is typically completed in an hour.

Earthquakes around this time of year are not uncommon in the region. John Vidale, director of the Southern California Earthquake Center at the University of Southern California, told the LA Times that the state has earthquakes like this yearly. Vidale said that smaller aftershocks will likely follow, but they may not be felt.

This quake was the biggest in the area in years. The LA Times reported that a 4.8 magnitude earthquake shook the region in 2013.

In the event of an earthquake, the Department of Homeland Security says people should drop down onto their hands and knees, cover their neck with their arms, and hold onto sturdy covering. Stay still until shaking stops. People should not run outside or under a doorway.

More on earthquake safety, as well as what to do when you are in bed, outside or in a vehicle during a quake, is at

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