Nanny cam shows mom saving choking toddler

(Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)
(Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)

A Texas mother is urging all parents to take child CPR courses after her 1-year-old daughter choked on a piece of food, and she saved her in a rescue that was caught on nanny cam.

Jennifer Hull, 34, of Prosper, Texas, told ABC News that she was trying to fix a television set in her daughters' playroom when she heard her young daughter, Hollis, gasping for air. The toddler and her older sister, Hatilynn, 3, were eating veggie chips while they played with their dollhouse.

The nanny cam in the girls’ playroom caught what happened next as the scared toddler ran to her mother, a stricken look on her face. Hull hit the baby on the back with no results, so she grabbed her from behind and began the Heimlich maneuver, which she had learned in an infant safety class.

The camera captured Hull’s visible relief as the chip was forced out of Hollis’ airway. Hull grabbed her daughter and sat hugging and rocking her.

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"I immediately jumped into mommy mode when it happened," Hull told ABC News. "It was very scary."

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Hull’s husband, Tyler Hull, felt the same way when he came home from work that day and learned what had happened. He cried after he watched the video footage.

"We were both so shocked at how scary it really was," Jennifer Hull said. "It's even scarier when we think of what the outcome could have been."

Hull said that, although she was initially reluctant to share the footage of Hollis choking, she shared it with family and friends on social media in the hopes that it could help other parents. The post has since been shared across the country.

Hull told ABC News that she is glad she and her husband were proactive as they prepared for the births of both of their daughters.

“We sat through every class that our hospital gave. It’s the least that you can do if you’re going to bring a baby into the world,” she said.

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