Naked man crashes vehicle, says he did acid because God 'wanted him to be free,' deputies say

A Tennessee man was arrested after deputies said he drove the wrong way on the highway, caused a crash and then admitted to doing it on acid because God “wanted him to be free.”

The Chattanooga Times Free-Press reported that Dennis Nixon, 24, was driving the wrong way on a Hamilton County, Tennessee-area highway at 11:40 a.m. Friday and caused a crash. Deputies responded after hearing reports of erratic driving and found Nixon getting out of his vehicle without any clothes on.

Authorities said Nixon was driving the wrong way into traffic at over 90 mphwhile he “matched (the other vehicles’) lane changes as (they) neared each other." Deputies said Nixon was “restrained by numerous bystanders” and was “making statements about his father and God.”

While he was being cleared by medical personnel, deputies said Nixon “expressed his romantic interest” in one of the deputies and tried to give her a kiss. He also admitted to consuming acid that he said was given to him by God because he wanted him to be free, deputies said.

Nixon was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault, felony reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, felony vandalism, driving the wrong way and indecent exposure.