Mom says daughter became locked in washing machine as water filled appliance

A mom in Colorado is issuing a warning to families with children and front-loading washing machines.

Lindsey McIver posted what happened to Facebook last week. Her story has since gone viral.

She said that her family had to buy a new washing machine after their old one broke down. They installed it, telling their children not to touch it. But the next morning the couple was awakened by their 4-year-old son who was crying. He was trying to tell them that his sister Kloe had locked herself in the machine and it was filling with water as it tumbled, USA Today reported.

The post said that they could see their daughter screaming but couldn't hear her. They were able to unlock the door and get Kloe out. she had some bumps on her head but had no other injuries, "Good Morning America" reported.

Alan McIver said he tried opening the door, pulling on it so hard that it moved the machine, he told "Good Morning America."

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The washer, Lindsey McIver said, does have a child lock feature that will not allow the machine to start, but it doesn't lock the door. She said that the machine was so new that they hadn't read all of the instruction manual before Kloe climbed in. The family has since installed a child safety lock on the machine, "Good Morning America" reported.

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