Mom accused of trying to smother toddler son wants to reunite with him

Maggie Dixon was charged with trying to smother her son four times at a Charlotte, North Carolina, hospital where her child was being treated.

Now, she wants a judge to let her spend time with the boy.

Dixon was arrested one year ago and accused of trying to kill her 1-year-old son.

She has bonded out of jail and reportedly wants to reunite with him.

Myra Clark is with Community Transitions and helps inmates get back into society.

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"It's not unusual and it would be a supervised visit," Clark said.

The family on the father’s side is alarmed because Dixon wants to be in her son’s life. They said they are not sure she can ever be trusted again.

The child was taken to Levine Children’s Hospital with respiratory issues in June 2017.

Nurses looked on the room monitor and allegedly saw Dixon trying to suffocate her son.

Police said she made four attempts in 15 minutes.

Dixon bonded out of jail in November and was ordered to have no contact with her son.

She filed paperwork in Richmond County asking for a supervised visit, which would allow her to see her son with a chaperone, according to legal sources.

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"The primary concern is the safety of the child, and it's not a supervised visit where the person walks away and comes back later,” Clark said. “They stay in the room together."

Dixon worked as a respiratory therapist in Fayetteville.

Clark believes child involvement is a good thing and understands the family's concerns.

"I think there is a benefit to that, but there are some circumstances where it may not be a good idea," Clark said.

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