Mississippi Marine vet told to get rid of emotional support potbelly pigs

They are pigs that help the Marine Corps combat veteran, who lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, deal with trauma, he said.

“They help calm me down, they are emotional support pigs, and I enjoy their company,” he said. “I have had them for five years, and these pigs are like family.”

Olive Branch Mayor Scott Phillips told WHBQ that there is an ordinance against keeping farm animals on small acreage in the city.

He also said there have been complaints about a smell coming from Shelley’s property.

Shelley said yes, his lot is only half an acre, but there is no smell.

“No sir, I clean very often and none of the neighbors have complained,” he said. “I lay down fresh straw.”

Shelley told WHBQ that he has been told to get rid of the pigs before Saturday, or the city will take them.

Phillips told WHBQ that he will meet with Shelley next week, but ultimately, whether the pigs can stay will have to be decided by a judge.

He ultimately hopes the city sees things his way and allows him to keep the pigs.

“My hope is that ultimately, these pigs can be grandfathered in and not be prosecuted for just being pigs,” he said.