Melania Trump stepping up as first lady at Florida rally

First lady Melania Trump, in one of her few public appearances since her husband took office, appeared by his side at a campaign-style rally this weekend in Melbourne, Florida.

Wearing a bright red dress, the first lady spoke before her husband, leading the crowd in the Lord’s Prayer before launching into a short introduction of the president.

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 Mrs. Trump pledged to remain "truthful, no matter what the opposition is saying about me" and to work on behalf of women and children.

“I’m committed to creating and supporting initiatives dear to my heart, which will have impact on women and children all around the world,” she said.

So far Trump has not made public any specific initiatives as first lady, although she did reopen the White House visitor center and announce the decision to keep Michelle Obama’s kitchen garden.

She also made a passing reference to the ongoing protests over her husband’s presidency and his initiatives so far.

“The America that we envision is one that works for all Americans and where all Americans can work and succeed, a nation committed to a greater civility and unity between people from all sides of the political divide,” she said.

The first lady has not moved to Washington. She is remaining in New York until the Trumps’ 10-year-old son finishes out the school term.

Melania Trump: 'Honor' to Stand Before You

First lady Melania Trump introduces Pres. Donald J. Trump at Florida campaign-style rally: "The America we envision is one...committed to a greater civility and unity between people."

Posted by ABC News on Saturday, February 18, 2017

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