Mattel releases Barbies with vitiligo, no hair, prosthetic limbs

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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New Barbies with vitiligo, no hair, prosthetic limbs

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Barbie, the iconic doll, is changing once again to reflect how diverse society is.

One of the newly unveiled dolls, which claim to be the most diverse line of toys, has one doll that has vitiligo and another has a prosthetic leg. One Barbie has no hair, while a new Ken doll has hair that is longer than his shoulders, The Washington Post reported.

The new ad campaign says “This is Barbie," as it highlights the new dolls.

Mattel representatives told CNN the dolls show "a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion."

Barbie fans seem to be receptive. A prototype of the doll with vitiligo, or a condition in which patches of skin lose pigment, was the most-liked Instagram post in the company's history, CNN reported.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation called the doll "the best thing that could happen for children," The New York Times reported.

The newest Barbie dolls are the latest in the series to reinvent the line, to move away from the image of a tiny-waisted blonde bombshell, that has in the past been accused of perpetuating the fact that beauty is found in a certain skin tone and unattainable body shape, the Times reported.

Barbie has been around for nearly 61 years, the Post reported.

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