Massachusetts woman calls 911 after spotting her mother's stolen car in traffic



A Massachusetts woman made an unbelievable discovery while on her way to work earlier this week. She spotted her mother's stolen car in traffic and followed it while she called police.

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For 20 years, Bunny Hughes, of Everett, left a spare key in her car. Neighbors use that key to help the 81-year-old during the winter.

"On snow days, what they do is they move her car for her," said Rosemary Hughes, Bunny’s daughter.

But police said Ely Feliciano took advantage of that spare key. Early Monday morning, Bunny' Hughes' car disappeared from outside her Malden Street home.

"I figured it was gone," Rosemary Hughes said.

Wednesday morning, Rosemary Hughes was driving in Everett when she spotted her mother's car in traffic.

"I had a brief moment of extreme panic because I didn't know what to do," she said..

Rosemary followed as the driver pulled into a fast-food restaurant, She called, 911 and Feliciano was arrested.

"He's got to be a novice at this because I think if he is this dumb to know that you've got to flee with the getaway car. He should probably give up his career as a car thief," Rosemary Hughes said.

Bunny Hughes' Ford Taurus suffered several dents, and there was a pile of dirty laundry inside the vehicle. Police said there also was a strong odor of marijuana in the car.

Bunny Hughes could not believe someone was driving her stolen car less than a mile from her house.

"To take a car with a low license plate that could be so identifiable, and be right down the street, walking distance from where I live, and bring the car there two days later to go get a hamburger? It's weird," she said.

Feliciano was charged with driving without a license, receiving stolen property and destruction of property.

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