Man vomits moments after proposing to girlfriend on plane

File photo of an engagement ring (Flickr/uak_rock)
File photo of an engagement ring (Flickr/uak_rock)

Over-the-top, step-by-step, choreographed marriage proposals are becoming more and more common. Many are recorded and shared with the world on social media.

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Among those is a man who proposed to the love of his life while on a small plane and threw up almost immediately afterward.

Darrell Hamilton Jr. of California, planned the perfect proposal: a private plane ride, a ring and a big question for Rheanna Lopez, 35.

What he didn’t account for was motion sickness that was probably complicated by nerves.

"I started to get motion sickness because I was messing with my electronics too much," Hamilton, 26, told the New York Post. "That's when I felt sick real fast. It didn't help that the pilot kept tilting the plane to give us a good view."

“I held it as long as I could. I remember feeling really horrible and wanting to hurry up to find the sign. I just wanted to get it over with. We found my cousin’s property, and I told her, ‘Do you see anything in the back yard?’”

Hamilton had arranged for a sign to be held up on the ground on the property that his girlfriend was supposed to see. Once she saw the sign, he would present the ring.

That backyard sign apparently had a typo. It said “Merry me.” Lopez didn’t end up seeing it.

Hamilton knew he was going to vomit and went through with the proposal anyway.

"She kept looking, but I couldn't wait any longer," he said. "I didn't even ask her  I just showed her the ring and took a deep breath."

The look on her face was priceless.

But for better or for worse means just that. Lopez ignored the turbulence and provided the smoothest of landings.

She said yes.