Man steals date's car, uses it to take another girl to drive-in movie, police say

A man was arrested after police said he stole a car from a girl he was taking on a date.

According to the arrest affidavit, Kelton Griffin went over to the victim's house to go on a date. Police said Griffin asked to drive her car because she 'did not know where he wanted to take her.'

She agreed and the two switched seats. The suspect drove to a gas station and asked the woman to go inside and pick up some cigars. After she entered the business, Griffin drove off in her car, police said.

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The victim tried to call him several times. But, he did not answer her calls and blocked her on social media.

Court records said she also let her family know her car was stolen by Kelton. On the same day, the victim's God sister texted her and said Griffin asked her on a date. He was picking her up from her grandmother's house.

The woman drove to the home, and the suspect and his new date were already driving off. The victim's God sister then texted the victim and told her they were at the Summer Drive-in Movie theater in her vehicle.

Police made the scene and arrested Kelton Griffin.

He is charged with Theft of Property.

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