Man stands up girlfriend, leaves country on brocation

A Telford, England, man nearly landed in hot water after he ditched his girlfriend and left the country to vacation with his buddies.

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Brent Catterson made plans to meet his girlfriend Kayleigh Thompson for breakfast on June 15. But, instead of grabbing a bite to eat, Catterson headed to the airport and boarded a flight to Spain.

Instead of calling Thompson to cancel, he took a picture with a handmade sign and posted it on her Facebook page. The sign read, “Babe, gone to Spain with the lads. See you in 3 day. Please don’t be mad…”

The bold move came after Catterson’s friend called him up and told him there was an extra spot on their trip abroad.

Catterson told Unilad, "I said 'yes' without asking Kayleigh, and I decided it would be a laugh not to tell her and to make a sign and post it to her Facebook wall."

He said after he posted the picture, he turned his phone off and boarded the plane.

Catterson said he wasn’t nervous about how Kayleigh would react, and although they didn’t speak the entire trip, he insisted they “were fine on (his) return.”

The couple has been together for eight years, and they have two children together.

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