Man says he used GPS tracker to locate stolen car as thieves were driving it

A man says he was able to recover his son’s car hours after it was stolen by calling police with precise locations of the vehicle thanks to a GPS tracking device he had installed on it.

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Steven Gonzalez realized his son’s car was missing Thursday as he left for work.

Gonzalez activated a GPS tracking device he installed on it, called police and was able to give pinpoint locations as the vehicle was traveling around San Antonio, according to KSAT.

Officers found the vehicle in a grassy area about 20 miles away. They also arrested one of the passengers, who gave the names of the driver and other passenger, Gonzalez told KSAT.

"My son is happy, but he is bummed out because the stereo and other accessories were stolen. But those things are replaceable," Gonzalez told KSAT. "That's why we pay our insurance. That's why I invested in (GPS trackers). It's going to be recovered if they find it. If not, then it's just material. Nobody was hurt. That is what is really important."

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