Man reports possible homicide after confusing jellyfish for breast implant

A concerned man turned to police in Australia last week after he discovered what he believed to be a stray breast implant, briefly prompting fears that a possible homicide had occurred.

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Police in Queensland thought the situation seemed fishy, and confirmed as much when they learned that the translucent blob was actually a jellyfish.

Officers were initially "all hands on deck" after the unidentified man shared his concerns with police working at the Maroochydore police station, authorities said Friday in a news release.

He handed officers a plastic bag with a circular, slightly blue colored object inside. He said he found the object earlier that day and that he was worried it might be a "prosthetic implant" from a person who had either drowned or been murdered.

At his request, police seized the bagged blob.

"Investigations revealed what police expected – the item was indeed a jellyfish," police said.

Authorities didn't say where the jellyfish was found.

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