Man loses prosthetic leg during skydive jump

How does a skydiver lose his leg during a jump Sunday, but land uninjured? The skydiver in question wore a prosthetic leg and it fell off when he was at 10,000 feet.

Dion, who was identified by his first name only, and his friends looked for the missing limb, but it didn't turn up, CNN reported.

That was until Monday, when a California lumber yard worker found a prosthetic leg laying on the ground.

Dion got his leg back Monday from the Sonoma County Sheriff.

He also promises to tether it when he makes his next jump, but he's just thankful it didn't hit anyone and the $15,000 leg was returned, according to CNN.

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Dion actually lost his leg in a freak skydiving accident two years ago, and joked with deputies that it was the second leg he's lost while participating in his passion, the sheriff's office posted on Facebook.

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