Man kidnapped by babysitter 55 years ago is reunited with his mother

A mother in Kentucky was reunited with her son 55 years after a babysitter took him in 1965.

Anna-Mary Barnett told WLKY that she left her 5-year-old son, Jerry Barnett, with a babysitter she did not know well in 1965, and when she returned from work, the woman had taken him.

The alleged kidnapper moved to Delaware and then abandoned Jerry. He would later end up in foster care, and was given a new last name with an estimated birth date.

Years later, Jerry’s son, Damon Parker, took a DNA test that linked him to a relative in Kentucky. The connection was his newfound cousin, Will Barnett, who was then able to connect Jerry to his birth mother.

Anna-Mary Barnett and Jerry were reunited Friday with tearful family members in attendance.

Read more about that reunion here.

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