Police in Florida mistakenly tweet that burglar was spotted at Magic Kingdom

Early Thursday, the Winter Park Police Department in Florida took to Twitter asking for the public’s help identifying a man on Buzz Lightyear ride that they believed was connected to a burglary.

The now-deleted tweet showed a photo of an unidentified man riding on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at the Magic Kingdom.

Police later issued a statement indicating that he was not a suspect:

"It has come to light that the person(s) shown in our prior post are NOT associated with the burglary in WP. The information initially provided to us regarding the photo was deemed to be inaccurate. We apologize to the persons pictured and to anyone who was adversely affected."

The Winter Park Police Department initially had said officers are searching for a man who was involved in a residential burglary and stole a Disney Magic Band.

Police did not say if the burglary suspect did actually enter the park.

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