Man accuses valet driver of joyriding in his car

A man who used a valet service for his car while he was out of town is fuming after he says a driver with the company took it on a joy ride.

Chris Holland returned from an 11-day vacation and said a dashcam mounted in plain view recorded a driver with V.A.L.E.T. Connections drifting and performing stunts in the Ford Focus, WXYZ reported Thursday.

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“The guy that was actually driving my car, I would not mind at all if he were fired," Holland said. "Hopefully he learns a lesson out of it. Just do your job."

The company said it will reimburse Holland.

“The video we recently received isn’t entirely clear and we’re unable to determine the make/model of the vehicle and the driver’s identity,” company officials said in a statement. “Nevertheless, we’re taking the matter very seriously. Valet connections has the highest service standards and if our internal review finds that our driver behaved inappropriately, we’ll take necessary disciplinary action. we’ll also use this opportunity to review our service standards with our employees to ensure nothing of this sort happens in the future.”

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