'Like hooking an elephant': Fisherman hooks 7 sharks in single day, including massive great white

A Hilton Head fisherman caught seven sharks in a day, including tagging the largest great white shark in the Atlantic just a few miles off the South Carolina coast last weekend.

Chip Michalove, owner of Outcast Sport Fishing, posted about his record-breaking discovery on social media.

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"It's such a massive fish, it's like hooking an elephant and then putting the brakes on it," Michalove said.

Michalove has worked with researchers to hook and tag great white sharks in the Atlantic Ocean for the past four winters, WCIV reported.

In a Facebook post, Michalove said he hooked seven great white sharks and tagged four of them.

"Can't believe this place is so loaded," he posted.

Michalove said he's tagged a total of 20 great white sharks in his 20 years of fishing.

"We put the highest level of technology tags on them. These tags monitor the water depth, the water temperature and the shark's track. It just gives you a ton of information," he said.

Michalove names some of the sharks he tags. He said he named the second shark he hooked Saturday Charli, after a great friend’s 11-year-old daughter who died in a car accident last summer.

Michalove said people shouldn't be hesitant to swim because the sharks are always found several miles offshore.

All of the sharks were released.

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