Lemonade truck driven off Rhode Island beach seawall

A woman driving a lemonade truck at a Rhode Island beach apparently drove over a seawall, causing the vehicle to land nose-first in the sand.

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WJAR reported that the 68-year-old woman apparently stepped on the gas instead of the brake, sending the truck over the seawall at Oakland Beach. The truck came to rest at a steep angle, with the rear wheels on the seawall and the front wheels on the beach, WJAR reported.

The driver was taken to a local hospital and was treated for minor injuries, police said.

"We went down and she was covered in watermelon lemonade stuff," Brian Hargraves told WJAR, adding that he feared the pink-colored lemonade was blood at first. "But when we got down there, she was just mentally out of sorts a little bit after what just happened, of course."

The lemonade truck sustained several dents and a shattered windshield and was later towed from the scene.

Police said the driver is not facing charges at this time, WJAR reported.

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