Knitting ability of Baltimore artist is no yarn

Sam Barsky’s knitting ability is certain to keep you in stitches.

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Actually, it's no laughing matter. Barsky is serious about his work, and it shows. He's an artist who specializes in knitting sweaters and other items with pictorial designs. The Baltimore resident knits sweaters of landmarks, and then visits them, taking a photo of himself wearing the sweaters.

Barsky has been to Times Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls and Stonehenge — and he has the sweaters and the photos to prove it.

He began knitting in 1999.

"After that was a success, I've been knitting sweaters like that one after another, featuring either generic scenery or specific landmarks. Anything that crosses my eyes is a potential sweater," Barsky told Mashable.

"The two most recent ones I did, the Bahai Gardens and the Dead Sea, were made for a trip I took in December to Israel."

The idea to visit the landmarks he knitted came as an afterthought, he told Mashable.

“To this day, I have pictures while wearing 91 of the 103 sweaters around the exact landmark or style of scenery or something quite similar, and I have a goal of doing this for all of them, though most of the remaining ones will require travel to other continents,” he said.

Some of his sweaters were displayed at Baltimore’s American Visionary Arts Museum in 2004-05.

Barsky does not limit himself to landmarks, though. He has knitted sweaters depicting pumpkin patches, playing cards, power lines and mermaids, the Kansas City Star reported.

One woman requested a calendar. Another requested a "Star Trek" sweater.

"Never been into 'Star Trek,' but you never know," Barsky told the Star.

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