Jennifer Aniston surprises ‘Friends’ fans at Central Perk set

Actress Jennifer Aniston decided to surprise some “Friends” fans on the Central Perk set where parts of the beloved comedy was filmed. In some cases, it was Aniston who was surprised.

Aniston was a guest host on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which is filmed on the same Warner Bros. set where "Friends" was shot from 1994 to 2004, People reported.

Aniston visited the “Friends” Central Perk coffee house set, crouching behind the iconic orange couch as fans touring the set sat down to take photographs. As the fans posed, Aniston popped out to photo-bomb the snapshot, scolding fans who did not say their favorite character was Rachel Green, who the actress played on the show.

When one foursome said their favorite character was Ross Geller, Aniston leaped out and exclaimed, "Ross? Who said Ross?"

Two fans posing with coffee drinks were surprised then Aniston came around the couch with a coffee pot and asked, "Hi, can I get you a little latte?"

Another duo was startled when Aniston jumped over the back of the couch and yelled, "Espresso!"

“I know, it’s the cruelest thing in the world,” Aniston said to the fans.

And, Aniston feigned mock anger and made a face when two tourists said their favorite character was Joey Tribbiani.

“Joey? Joey? It’s OK, I love Joey too,” she said.

Aniston invited her new friends to watch her as she played substitute host for DeGeneres, E! Online reported.

“Now that you guys are here, you get to watch your third favorite ‘Friend,’” she said.

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