Jell-O introduces slime you can eat

Moms usually say “stop playing with your food” but Jell-O has come out with a new variation that literally has the name play in its name.

It’s called Jell-O Play edible slime and while kids can make the slime, they can eat it at the same time.

There are two variations -- Monster Slime, which is green and lime flavored, and Unicorn Slime, which is pink and strawberry flavored, USA Today reported.

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So how does it work? You just add water to the mix. Each canister will make two batches of slime, which cleans up with soap and water.

The powder in the can is a mix of food starch, sugar and gelatin, Delish reported.

You can preorder on Amazonaccording to USA Today, or it will be in some stores in December for about $10 a can.

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