Hurricane safety: Who's responsible when a tree falls on your home or car?

After a hurricane strikes, there is always plenty of damage to homes, cars and other property.

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Here are some tips to help determine who might be responsible when a tree falls on a home or car.

The tree is yours:

  • If the tree falls on your home, your homeowners insurance should cover it. Homeowners insurance covers any covered structure on your property or a blocked driveway/wheelchair ramp. The insurance also pays up to $500 to remove the tree from your property.
  • If you rent, you should carry renters insurance but the landlord is usually responsible for the damage, so be sure to check your lease.
  • If the tree falls on your vehicle, your auto insurance should pick up the tab, but you're still responsible for the deductible.

The tree is not yours:

  • All cases are different, but if the other party was negligent then they're responsible. If the other party wasn't negligent, then you're responsible.
  • If you're responsible and the tree falls on your home, then the same conditions apply from above.

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