Hurricane Matthew: Experts weigh in on saving family treasures

They may be a thousand miles away from the storm, but the experts at the Smithsonian Institution have some tips on how to save family treasures and important documents when Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in the U.S.

As you prepare for the storm, think about where you store family archives. Move them from areas that could flood like the basement, floor or near windows.

If they do get wet, all hope is not lost.

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The National Heritage Responders' hotline can link you with trained conservators who can help. The number to call is 202-661-8068. The group has helped victims of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Haiti's earthquake in 2010 and North Dakota flooding in 2011.

FEMA has a fact sheet on trying to save any family treasures damaged by a storm or a fire. You can download the information here.

And finally, there's an app for that, available on Google Play and the App Store. The Emergency response and Salvage Mobile App has taken the place of the Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel. The wheel was a staple of museums, libraries and archives across the globe. It will guide collectors on how to protect and salvage different types of collections like photographs and natural history specimens.