Hurricane Florence: Store gives away free frozen food, meat ahead of storm

A South Carolina store owner helped his community before the winds and rains from Hurricane Florence hit the area.

Mike Patel is the owner of Sea Merchants Grocery Store. He wanted to make sure his local customers had what they needed before the storm.

Patel posted on his store's Facebook page that all meat and frozen food was buy one, get one free. He was going to keep the doors open to the store through early afternoon Wednesday, WECT reported.

"I'm here because of community," Patel told WECT. "They have helped since I bought (The Sea Merchants). We are not a highway location. I'm not here because of tourists. I'm here because of the community and this is a way to give back.

He also cut prices of water to prepare for the hurricane.

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Local residents praised Patel for making supplies affordable as they prepared for potential disaster.

Credit: AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Credit: AP Photo/Chuck Burton

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