Hurricane Dorian: How to evacuate when you have pets

As some Floridians prepare to evacuate before Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, some are wondering what they can do with their pets, specifically, do hotels have to take pets when evacuations are in order due to a disaster?

Despite what is shared on social media, the answer is no, according to WTSP.

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According to the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006, local governments must have emergency plans for pets. Some of the plans could include the creation of shelters or other places where pets can be kept, WTSP reported.

The act does not require non-pet friendly locations to take animals during a disaster.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency advises those planning to evacuate make a plan on where you will go with your pets. "Many hotels or shelters may not allow pets."

Click here to search for pet-friendly locations for hurricane evacuations.

As for what to pack, FEMA suggests:

  • A pet carrier, cage or crate
  • Leash and collar or harness for each pet
  • Muzzle since anxiety and stress can cause a pet to bite
  • Medical records
  • Medications
  • Up-to-date identification tags on your pet's collar
  • Proof of ownership like a picture of yourself with your pet
  • Week's worth of food and water for each pet
  • Pet bowls, spoon, can opener
  • Cleanup supplies including kitty litter and pan and bags to get rid of waste
  • Comfort items like pet toys, bedding and treats

For more on how to evacuate with a pet or larger animals, click here.

The Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team has developed a pet disaster plan kit. In addition to the items above, the group suggests a pet first aid kid, written instructions including feeding schedules, medical conditions and behavior issues, People magazine reported.

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