Houston pastor seen checking submerged cars looking for flood victims

A Houston resident captured a memorable moment  as he was trying to get help during Hurricane Harvey.

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Brian Roberson II was stuck on Texas State Highway 288 when he came across a man on top of submerged cars.

The man told Roberson he was a pastor and wanted to help to make sure no one was in those stranded vehicles.

"It was such a powerful visual that shows how we can all do something to look out for each other," Roberson said.

The pictures Roberson took show the pastor in chest-deep water as he tries to check for victims.

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Roberson's aunt, Tera Stidum, said in a Facebook post that Roberson didn't get the pastor's name, and only remembers him saying his church is in the Yellowstone area, and starts with the word "Mt."

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"If you have ANY clue who this man could be, please hit me up," Stidum said.



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