Hearse, woman’s body stolen from church; car, body recovered Thursday

Someone stole a hearse from the parking lot of a church in California, but what the alleged thieves may not have known was that there was still a body inside the vehicle.

Update 12:18 p.m. Feb. 27: The hearse and the unidentified woman's body have been recovered.

Police were alerted by a person that they had seen the stolen hearse, and a chase started. It ended about 15 minutes later after the vehicle crashed, the Los Angeles Police Department said, according to KABC.

The body was found inside the damaged vehicle.

One person is in police custody.

Original story: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is pleading with whoever took the Lincoln Navigator to bring back the woman, KABC reported.

Law enforcement isn't sure which direction the hearse left in and they were still trying to find it as of Wednesday night, KTLA reported.

The vehicle was parked outside St. Anthony Greek Orthodox Church as a funeral worker was dropping off another person's remains for a funeral scheduled for Thursday morning, KABC reported.

Credit: KarenMower/Getty Images

Credit: KarenMower/Getty Images

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