Group sets up 'School Prayer Zone' near schools in South Carolina

One woman in South Carolina is making sure God is put back in schools and in the daily lives of her neighbors.

Vanessa Frazier has come up with the "School Prayer Zone" and has gotten the OK from the South Carolina Department of Transportation to install the signs hear schools in Richland County, WIS reported.

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Frazier is the founder and director of Christ Teens.

She thinks prayer needs to brought back into the lives of families in her community to help students succeed in life, and she is on her mission to bring God's word to the education process.

"These signs will hopefully encourage people to pray morning, day and night for our teachers, students and parents," Frazier told WIS.

And for those who may wonder why SCDOT allowed the signs along roadways, officials with the Department of Transportation said the signs are all on private church property and not on highways rights of way, according to WIS.

One sign that is posted on the property of St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Blythewood and the church pastor said they have received positive feedback since its installation.

Both Frazier and Jane Jorgenson, wife of St. Mark's pastor Daniel Jorgenson who purchased the sign, said the reminders to pray will hopefully spur people to think of their schools and bring a new meaning of religion to students.

"We want a nurturing environment for these kids and I don't think there's a greater power that could lift them up than the power of prayer," Jorgenson told WIS. "Prayer costs nothing. Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's not going to hurt anything to say a prayer. I think once you experience the power of prayer in your own life, you'll be sold for a lifetime."

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