Grocery store stock clerk allows customer with autism to help him fill shelves

He has what some might say is a thankless job, but a stock clerk for a Louisiana grocery store is getting more than thanks after showing kindness to a customer.

Jordan Taylor was stocking the shelves full of bottled orange juice. Jack Ryan Edwards was watching him, The Associated Press reported. But then Taylor realized that Edwards was doing much more than just watching and asked him if he'd like to help.

Taylor showed Edwards what to do, then started handing him each bottle of orange juice and container of milk so Edwards could put them on the right spot on the shelf, The AP reported.

“The guy’s patience and time with Jack Ryan was just beautiful,” Sid Edwards said. “He talked to him. He encouraged him. He worked with him.”

The story could have ended with the now-viral story. But Sid Edwards' daughter, and Jack Ryan's sister, Delaney Alwosaibi, took the story one step further, starting a GoFundMe page to help Taylor who had said he would like to go to college to become a teacher, WAFB reported.

So far in two days, the page has raised more than $100,000 for the Rouses grocery store employee

And Taylor's been noticed by schools who would love to see him among the ranks as their student, WAFB reported.

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For Jack Ryan Edwards and his family, a routine trip to the grocery store has given them so much more.

Edwards actually got a job offer after doing such a good job, ABC News reported.

"He knows that Rouse's welcomes him as a new employee," Alwosaibi told ABC News. "We're working out the details for him to start a part-time stocking job at Rouse's in the near future."

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