Grieving mom pleads for return of stolen necklace containing baby son's ashes

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Credit: Foxy_ /

A Connecticut mom is making a emotional plea for the return of an irreplaceable keepsake that was stolen from her: a silver necklace holding her baby boy's ashes.

According to WVIT, LeeAnn Winn of South Windsor said a thief made off with her purse Saturday after breaking into her friend's car in Hartford. The necklace containing the ashes was inside the handbag.

So Sat evening my purse was stolen from my best friends car along with all her belongings most of which are replaceable....

Posted by LeeAnn Winn on Monday, July 30, 2018

"I am heartbroken and devastated that a part of my baby is out there somewhere and not with someone who loves & misses him," Winn wrote on Facebook.

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Winn told WVIT that her son was 3 months old when he died nine years ago.

"I just want him back with me, with the one who loves him," she told the TV station. "It's all I have left, unfortunately."

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