Goodwill employee finds $46K in slow cooker donation, tracks down owner

A Goodwill employee in California made a surprising find Thursday as he processed a donation.

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While inspecting a slow cooker that had been donated to the San Diego store, Jessee Diaz discovered foil in the box. He told KGTV that he almost threw the foil-lined box away, but instead took a peek underneath. That's when he found the five envelopes, which contained $46,000 in cash.

Diaz immediately began seeking out the rightful owner, saying returning the cash was "just the right thing to do," KTLA reported.

Goodwill discovered that the money belonged to a 79-year-old woman whose husband had just died, and her daughter-in-law had brought the donations into the store, not realizing what was inside the slow cooker, according to the KGTV report.

The money was originally saved for a trip to visit family in Japan, KGTV reported.

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