Good Samaritan rescues teen attacked by 5 boys on way home from school

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A good Samaritan is being praised for rescuing a Louisville, Kentucky, teen who was attacked by five boys as he was walking home from school.

Dylan Pierce, 14, was headed home from school Aug. 16 when he missed his bus and was jumped by five students.

"I was walking home and they stopped in front of me and I walked passed them," Pierce, who goes to Iroquois High School, told WBRD.

As he called his grandmother, Gail Pierce, to come get him, the students attacked him.

“They punched me in the face and [the phone] flew out of my hand,” Pierce told WBRD. “They took my glasses after they punched me and took the lenses out of them and crumbled them up in their hands.”

Pierce thinks all five students were boys from his school and believes he knew only of one of them. He thinks the attack happened because they wanted something from him; they asked for his shoes and phone.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan and home health care nurse saw the incident happen, turned her car around and jumped in to stop the attack.

“I saw him hit him in his mouth,” Belinda Harshfield told WBRD. “I saw him hit him in his jaw and I saw him hit him in his ear.”

Harshfield ran up to Pierce with a bat and ushered him into her car.

“I wasn’t going to hit nobody,” Harshfield said. “But I just wanted them to know they can’t just pick on people the way they are because bullying is ridiculous.”

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The incident happened a few feet away from the school after dismissal.

“I haven’t heard from police or the school. They never called to check on him. So in my opinion, they don’t care, they don’t care,” the boy’s grandmother said.

According to medical records, Pierce’s glasses and cellphone were damaged, and he has suffered hearing damage in his left ear.

The students managed to flee the scene.

Pierce said he’s not leaving the house until they’re found.

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